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Hogue Colt & 1911 Government Grips Coco Bolo
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Brand/Style: Colt 1911
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Pearce Grips Gun Fits Government Model 1911 Rubber Finger Groove Insert
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Brand/Style: Colt 1911
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Part#: PG1911-1
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The Recover CC3 Grip and rail adapter is the easiest and most effective way to transform the look of your gun and to add a full-length picatinny rail to your 1911 pistol. Q&A: Question: Which models does the 1911 CC3 Grip fit on? Answer: The Recover CC3 was carefully designed to fit on any standard model 1911 pistol. We have tested it on many different model 1911s and it fits like a glove. It should also fit on most 1911 standard frame replica airsoft guns. Question: What is the shortest barrel and grip size that 1911 CC3 Grip will fit on? Answer: We have tested the CC3 Grip to fit on all barrel sizes down to the 4.25" Colt Commander, shorter than that and the CC3 Grip rail will be too long for the barrel and will overhang. The CC3 Grip will not fit on a Colt Defender series or any other 1911 with a 3" barrel or barrel less than 4". As for grip sizes, the CC3 Grip will not fit on Sig 1911 C3 and other compact grip guns like the Officer's ACP. F or example standard 1911 height is 5.7", 1911 C3 is 4.8" and therefore compact sizes will not accept the CC3 Grip since the grip screws don't align and the rail would over hang.

GM-ALS Pachmayr's American Legend Series offers you the best of both worlds, by combining the feel and appearance of wood with the performance, handling, and control of rubber. The American Legend Series grips feature rich walnut, finished to an attractive varnish shine coupled with our Pachmayr Decelerator® rubber for a soft controlled feel. We did this by combining the innovative genius of Pachmayr, the creator of the rubber grip and the craftsmanship of American stockmakers. Together we have created the new American Legend Series. Enhance the look and feel of your grip by adding the American Legend to your Colt 1911 today.

Hogue Fancy Hardwood grips are some of the finest grips available. They are precision inletted on modern computerized machinery, then hand finished on actual factory frames to assure proper fit. Grips are constructed of the highest quality, kiln-dried hardwood available. Each grip is unique and will vary in color and figure. Hogue fancy hardwood grips are select grade and much harder and denser than walnut. Specifications: - Fits: Government Model - Color: Coco Bolo

This Pearce PG-1911-1 fits under any GM 1911 side panel grip adding rubber finger grooves for comfort and better handling. Because the side portion of these grips are only 1mm thick the overall width is only minimally affected. It allows the user to use any type of side panel grips (wood, simulated ivory, pearlite, etc) and have front finger grooves.

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